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A balanceboard is the ideal training companion for everyone who can't get enough of surfing, snowboarding and skating and wants to let off steam at home after a day at the sea, in the mountains or at the skate park. In addition to enjoying the training itself, the muscles in the legs, feet and torso are strengthened, the sense of balance is trained and injuries are prevented.


Stylish. Durable. Sustainable. - It's worth stopping by! From the T-shirt for the warm days, to the sweater after the session, to the hat for the powder slope; here you will find everything you need.


Good things take time...


You'll have to be patient a little longer, but we'll be making ultra-light and ultra-stable carbon longboards available in no time. Various prototypes have been in use by us and our friends for a few years, but a little detailed work is still required... But we guarantee you that we are working flat out on this topic! So wait and see ;-) 


"Holy guacamole! Hillseye Boards is supposed to have surfboards?" That's exactly how it looks, you mermaids! However, it will still be a little while before take-off... We therefore ask you - despite all the anticipation - to be patient with the line-up. Until then: Hang loose and wait for summer!

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