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Our Concept




What makes our boards so special: Our technical approach and our demand for functionality.


Thanks to the background of our developer Larry in aircraft production, we create the greatest possible innovative strength paired with the highest quality.

Not only are first-class and sustainable materials used in production, but our manufacturing methods are also state-of-the-art. The use of fiber composite technology not only ensures greater strength and stability in our products, but also noticeably lower weight.

Due to our deep passion for board sports in every respect, we want to offer the best product on the market, not least out of self-interest. Standstill is a foreign word for us and our mission is to always offer you new and better boards - because we love it!



Our materials come exclusively from certified suppliers and our CFRP fibers from waste from the automotive and aircraft industries and go through an upcycling process as part of further processing. This recycling of CFRP fibers, in the sense of the circular economy, leads to a reduction in negative environmental influences. Furthermore, CNC technology in our production ensures as little waste as possible and efficient use of our production materials.




You don't buy an off-the-shelf board from us, but a handmade product from our workshop in southern Germany in Oberschwaben, which we stand behind and with which we identify. Furthermore, when selecting our suppliers, we also pay particular attention to physical proximity to our production facility in order to reduce the environmental impact of transport.



Board sports - whether on water, snow or asphalt - have determined our leisure activities since childhood. Our experience and our passion are reflected in our products and we are fired up to be able to share them with you!

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