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Hillseye Balance Board & Cork Roll

Here you will find our high-tech boards and everything that goes with them.

Hillseye Sweatshirt

Here you will find fresh hand-printed items with artwork from fellow artists.

"Our ultimate goal is to bring board sports to a new technological level and to use the most modern materials and production processes to manufacture extremely light and stable products that will accompany you throughout your life."

Lars and Lucas 

- Founders

Our Bestsellers

Hillseye boards?



This applies on several levels: On the one hand, our boards last really, really long - for a lifetime. On the other hand, we are convinced that once you have had a Hillseye board under your feet, you will not want any other.

Our mission is to bring you the best boards from a technical point of view while treating the planet with respect. With the use of fiber composite technology we ensure that you don't have to buy a new board every few years because the old one has lost its shape and pop. Our products are meant to last forever. This not only protects your wallet, but also valuable resources.

We guarantee the highest quality and stability and therefore offer you a lifetime guarantee on our boards - that goes without saying for us! Your Hillseye board not only has to be technically flawless, you also have to like it. So don't be afraid to tell us your wishes. You don't need to be embarrassed, we have the Hillseye Ninja code of honor ;-)

Enjoy your ride with us! Cheers!


"Life is movement"! It is important to keep your balance at all times. That applies in many ways and especially in a team. At Hillseye Boards, this consists of two friends from Lake Constance: Lars and Lucas.

Lars is the creative engine, innovator and visionary of our team. If he has an idea, it usually only takes a very short time before it is put into practice. While Lars is responsible for product development and product realization, Lucas creates the necessary infrastructure around the product: from the selection of the best suppliers who share our values, the coordination of the ordering processes on the supplier and customer side to the joint development of always fresh ideas together with our workshop boss, Lars. We both have a great passion for all forms of board sports and stand behind our company with heart and soul.

We are extremely pleased that you are interested in our brand and our products and welcome you to our website! Now that we know each other a little better, feel free to call us Larry and Lump!

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