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Handmade in Southern Germany

Our balance boards are unique and handmade in Germany. They are made of high quality and at the same time light materials, for the best result.

Environmentally Friendly

► PRODUCTION: All boards are exclusively handcrafted in southern Germany. CNC technology in production ensures as little waste as possible and efficient use of our production materials. ► PURCHASING: 100% of our carbon fibers come from waste from the automotive and aircraft industries. As part of the further processing of the disposed carbon fiber materials, an "upcycling" process of this waste takes place in our company. Only certified wood from regional suppliers is used for the wood core of our boards. The cork rolls available are made from 100% FSC-certified cork from the Alentejo region in southern Portugal. The alternatively available wooden roll consists of only certified wood. ► PACKAGING: Our products are packed exclusively in corrugated cardboard boxes and these are printed with environmentally friendly watercolors. No plastics are used here. ► DURABILITY: Due to the ultra-stable construction of the board, it does not need to be replaced regularly, even if it is used very frequently.

Lifetime Guarantee

High-strength carbon fibers make our boards indestructible under normal use. That's why we offer you a lifetime guarantee on each of our boards.

Personalization of Products

Personalization on the board is also possible on request. For example, lettering or logos can be lasered into the grip tape, a desired design can be painted onto the CFRP surface, or it can be completely colored in a specific color. Tell us your wishes via the contact form or via

Wide Range of Rolls

The boards can be ordered with either a cork or wooden roll. All rolls are also available for purchase individually. To find the right roll for you, you can find out more in our Buyer's Guide.

Fun Factor

With our board you bring the wave into your living room! The smooth surface of the CFRP coating ensures, on the one hand, quiet rolling behavior and, on the other hand, high maneuverability, which makes turning easier. The board's rocker shape is great for practicing tricks.

Seasonal and Location-Independent Possible Uses

Since the board is very light and handy, it can be taken anywhere. The space required for training with a balance board is very small, which is why it is also suitable for small apartments and environments. In contrast to seasonal sports such as windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing and snowboarding, the balance board can be used anytime and anywhere.

Balance and Muscle Training

Particular advantages of the Carbon Ninja are its versatility and effectiveness, be it for muscle building after injuries or for general strengthening of the deep muscles. When training with the Hillseye Carbon Ninja, the muscles in the legs, feet and torso are strengthened and the sense of balance is trained, which is particularly important for surfing. Training with our Carbon Ninja also helps prevent injuries.

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