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Life is always a matter of balance

We all know that from the balance board: If the balance is right, even the most difficult tricks can be learned. That also applies to the team. With a suitable composition of different skills and a little courage you can make the seemingly impossible possible.

The story of Hillseye Boards is the story of two childhood friends who found the right balance together while sharing the same passion. And that is: boards, boards, boards!

Larry is creative and determined. If he has an idea, it is usually only a matter of a very short time before it is put into practice. It is he who is responsible for product development and product realization at Hillseye Boards. Very simple: no Larry, no boards.

Lump is a happy nature, full of curiosity and loves to make new acquaintances. He takes care of communication and the search for the best suppliers at Hillseye Boards. So his job is to ensure that you learn about the products and that they are made from the best possible and at the same time sustainable materials.

Ok, so far everything is clear. But why "Hillseye Boards"? Well, it's not that easy. The name is very complex. Mountains have always been of great importance in both of our lives. Snowboarding in winter, longboarding in summer. At the same time, mountains also somehow describe our homeland. These are practically on our doorstep. Our logo then adds another important factor, namely water! Because we also like board sports at sea. Water is also part of our homeland and identity, as we were both lucky enough to grow up on Lake Constance.

Hillseye Boards stands for passion for board sports, lifeblood in the matter, ongoing innovation, sustainability and always good vibes!

Lars Kreimer - Founder Hillseye Boards
Lars Kreimer

Grown up in the workshop and always striving to try out new materials and processes on boards and thus bring the products to the highest state of the art.

Lucas Dilger - Founder Hillseye Boards
Lucas Dilger

The creative soul behind the Hillseye brand, a passionate boarder through and through and responsible for ensuring that our products get to you.


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