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Our Story


BODENSEE, 2008. Larry is 11 years old and is investing his birthday money in the longboard he has wanted for a long time. It's love at first sight, Larry's enthusiasm awakens like never before and the longboard becomes his constant companion from that moment on. Over time, however, Larry noticed more and more shortcomings on his longboard: the board is heavy, slides are difficult, the shape is not what he would like, the wood discolours and deforms over time. However, the market offers nothing better.


But Larry doesn't want to be satisfied with that and therefore soon goes to his father's workshop, where he uses his help to manufacture his first board - exactly according to his needs - from GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic). Little did Larry know at the time that Hillseye Boards would later be born. Well, the result is good, but not yet to his complete satisfaction. In the search for a better material, Larry comes across CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic or carbon) and begins to experiment further and develops a fascination with this material, which he will not lose anytime soon... Larry is a perfectionist and carbon offers him exactly the playground he needs: challenging in processing and a result that shows the highest quality.



At that time, Lump had been an enthusiastic skater for a number of years and the skate park was his second home. The shared fascination with board sports inevitably brings Larry and Lump together and soon Lump is appointed Larry's board tester. The boards are constantly being developed together. In addition to longboards, stand-up paddle boards, snowboards and especially balance boards are also being built over time.



After graduating from high school, the two ended up in different regions of Germany for their studies, but only three years later they would find each other again in Ravensburg. After countless hours together on boards of all kinds, one day in the ski lift in the Montafon, the idea of founding a company came up in order to be able to share the joy of board sports and their handmade boards with others. From now on there was no holding back!


BAD SCHUSSENRIED, 2022. After numerous cycles of improvement, our Balance Boards are finally perfect and we are ready to introduce them to you! We are delighted to be able to take you with us on our journey! Let's go!

Lars Kreimer childhood photo - Founder Hillseye Boards

Lars, 2009

Lucas Dilger childhood photo - Founder Hillseye Boards

Lucas, 2007

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