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  • How do I start boarding if I've never stood on a board before?
    In our user manual you will find step-by-step instructions that describe exactly how to get on and off the board. We speak from experience when we say that you will quickly get a feel for the board. You will receive our instructions for use with our purchase confirmation by e-mail. Alternatively, you can access it via a QR code, which is included with every balance board.
  • What material is the board made of?
    The core of our boards is made of wood. The top and bottom are made of upcycled carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).
  • How long does the guarantee on my balance board last?
    High-strength carbon fibers make our boards indestructible in normal use (!). That's why we offer you a lifetime guarantee on each of our boards. If, contrary to expectations, your board breaks during training even after the statutory warranty period has expired, we will replace it for you free of charge. Simply get in touch with us via the contact form or by email:
  • How long will it take before I can balance board well?
    It's usually just a matter of hours before you can get on and off the board without assistance. After a week at the latest, however, you usually feel safe on the board and can start with the first tricks and turns.
  • Up to what body weight is the board recommended?
    Thanks to the ultra-stable CFRP construction, our boards can be used up to a body weight of 200kg without hesitation.
  • Is the roll of the balance board included?
    The board can be bought individually or as a set, i.e. including a roll (of your choice).
  • Do I need a mat for balance boarding?
    A mat is not absolutely necessary. Nonetheless, we recommend using a mat to protect your home floor from scratches. A simple yoga mat is sufficient for this. If you don't have a mat at home, feel free to visit our shop. Our Portuguese cork mats can also be personalised.
  • Are the Hillseye Boards rolls also available for sale individually?
    Of course, we also offer all of our rolls for sale individually. Because some people like to have several rolls of different sizes at home. Other customers, on the other hand, buy our rolls to use them as fascia rolls.
  • Who is the balance board suitable for?
    Our boards are suitable for anyone who wants to practice movements from other board sports at home, improve their sense of balance or strengthen their muscles. The boards are suitable for beginners, advanced and professionals.
  • Can I use the board as a skimboard?
    No, under no circumstances should the board be taken into the water. Wood and water are not friends. On request, however, we can treat the board in a special way so that you can also use it as a skimboard. To do this, simply contact us!
  • Why do you produce in Bad Schussenried?
    Two things are particularly important to us: quality and sustainability. Only if the entire production takes place in-house we can ensure that every board leaves our production facility in a technically flawless condition and that the environment is impacted as little as possible. Modern production techniques ensure minimal waste and no outsourcing of production processes to fewer transport routes and thus reduced CO2 emissions. Our packaging is free of plastic and is made in Germany.
  • Where do you produce your boards?
    We produce our boards in our small workshop in Bad Schussenried in southern Germany. With us everything is done by hand. Would you like to come by? Just write to us and we will be happy to arrange an appointment. Email:
  • Is it possible to pick up the board at your production site?
    Sure! Please write to us via e-mail, Facebook or Instagram to arrange a pick-up date.
  • Which service provider do you use to ship your products?
    We ship our products exclusively with DHL. Both private addresses and packing stations can be specified as delivery addresses.
  • How long does delivery take?
    We usually ship our boards one day after your order is received. After we have delivered the package to the post office, it is up to DHL how fast the delivery will be. Experience has shown that customers within Germany receive their delivery 3-5 days and customers outside of Germany 5-7 days after the time of the order. However, we have only just started to release our products into the wide world. Therefore, there may be delays in individual cases. We apologize for this and hope the anticipation remains great despite everything!
  • Can I change my delivery address?
    That's not a problem either, as long as your order hasn't left our warehouse yet. Simply send us an email to the following email address:
  • How much does shipping cost at Hillseye Boards?
    Shipping is free from a purchase value of at least €50 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For all other EU countries, shipping is free from a purchase value of €100. Below this, a shipping fee will be charged.
  • Can I cancel an order?
    This is not a problem as long as your order has not yet left our warehouse. Simply send us an email to the following email address:
  • Where do you ship your boards to?
    We ship our boards to all EU countries. Shipping to non-EU countries is also possible on request. After all, we don't want to withhold our boards from anyone ;-)
  • How do I return an item?
    1. Let us know you want to return something Please contact us via the contact form or by email: We will then provide you with a return label. With this, your return always goes to the right address - free of charge, of course. 2. Pack the item and stick the return label on the package Put the items in the package and stick the return label on the outside of the package. The return shipment is free of charge for you. 3. Submit return You can drop off the package at DHL parcel shops and packing stations. Please keep the return receipt issued until we confirm your return.
  • How do I get a return label?
    Feel free to contact us via the contact form or by email: We will then provide you with a return label. With this, your return will always go to the right address - free of charge, of course.
  • Your goods are damaged?
    We want you to enjoy our products. Just send us an email to the following email address: We will exchange your goods immediately free of charge.
  • To which address should I return my package?
    You do not need to provide a return address. With the return label, which we will provide you on request, your return will always go to the right address free of charge. Please make sure that only the return label is visible on the outside and no longer the label of the original delivery.
  • Do you want to return a product to us?
    No problem. You can exchange an unused item within 30 days along with the invoice for credit or goods only.
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